Our Various Programmes



Education & Academics
Online Schools, Internet Library, Tutors; group, Aids for admission seekers, within Nigeria, Aids for admission seekers abroad, TOEFL/SAT/ACT preparatory courses, Int’l Baccalaureate preparatory classes etc.

IT: ICT Training programmes, It courses, Online Certification Courses, Web-Based solutions, etc.
Farmers’ Wheel: Rural Power Supply, Produce Salvage, Soil Management, UBE for knowledgeable Farmers/rural dwellers, Hygiene workshop freebies, Farm Mechanization, Farmer’s Organization, etc.
Leadership Development: Leadership development courses, global Leadership projects, Fellowship projects, Management/Admin courses, Mentorship & Accelerator’s programmes, etc.
Entrepreneurship: Entrepreneurship skill development, SMEs Training/Workshops, Finance & Funding, and Management courses, etc.

Health & Nutrition: Food/Diet for different purposes, medical cares for different diseases, viability maintenance (Rest, Fitness, Resort, Recreation), Health Talks and Seminars etc.
Community Services & Volunteer:  provide casual labour for start-up enterprises, aid traffic control at critical times of emergency, provide support to aged people, beef up security of different locations, guide visitors/strangers, provide effective drainage system, provide clean environ, etc.

Greeners’ Voice:  Serve the point of distress calls by preteens & teenagers from dysfunctional homes or poverty-stricken families.

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Life Hub is an assembly of social entrepreneurs who have come together to allow a sense of foresight roundedness to guide their activities of imparting lasting changes while playing complementary roles in an holistic manner.

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